i wanna be your crystal baller

"i usually dont like thinking about the future i mean lets face it, you can't predict whats gonna happen. but sometimes the things you didn't expect is what you really wanted after all. maybe the best thing to do is just stop trying to figure out where you're going&enjoy where you're at." maximllian silberman is mine btw ♥

Day 5

5 things that irritate you about the opposite sex/same sex

okay I’m doing both since both sexes irritate me too much

okay so for guys, five things that irritate me about them is the fact that most of them can’t express the way they feel as good as girls. I don’t know if good is the right word, but i feel like we do it so much easier, and like we just wanna know how you feel and like if you like us and all the gushy stuff, and they can never do that. It’s kind of annoying. I hate that they are so prideful, and they can’t admit to something if they’ve fucked up or something. Like it reallllyyyy bothers me. Have all the pride in the goddamn world like cool good for you, but if you fuck up own up to it, own up to your mistakes!! It’s not hard. I don’t like how they judge us by how we look/how we dress/etc etc. I mean i know most girls do that, and i definitely do because I’m 100% guilty but like for me I’ll judge them and then I’ll be like you know what i should get to know them, and i do and then their personality triumphs over there looks. There’s more to people than what we look like, and i think everyone should kind of have that drilled into their heads. Guys should stop being assholes to everyone, and learn that being an asshole isn’t really that cool anymore. It’s kind of overrated now. Like be up front, and straight forward and be assertive like yay i love assertiveness, but don’t be a dick about something.  I don’t know if this goes with the first one i mentioned but whatever, i hate that they cannot express themselves when they get upset at us. Like i was dating this guy, and i thought everything was going awesome possum like i really really liked him you know? And he suddenly got really busy, and i mean he was always busy but like he got busy to the point that we couldn’t even talk anymore or at least not as often as I’d like, and then boom he disappears. like um hello? i thought things were peachy with us, and now you vanish into thin air with no goodbye, or a hey you’re a bitch lets stop talking? I’m sorry but that’s unacceptable because we deserve to know what the fuck happened, instead of having the ‘what if’ eat us alive. like grrrrr i absolutely hate that shit. 

So for girls, i fucking hate how fucking catty they are. we always find a damn excuse to bitch about someone. and i hate doing it, but it just comes so natural to me, like i was bitching to my other roommate about the one i stay w, because she’s a cunt. like straight up, she can be fun and all that jazz, but like she’s a cunt. Maybe it’s the fact that we’re so far apart in age as opposed to my other roommate who is my age but idk whatever. It irks me. We’re bitchy to other girls and we really have no right to be a bitch to someone. so what if she’s hot and flirting it up w all the guys we wish [or at least i wish] we were doing that too. Like idk let’s all try and be friends maybe? tolerate each other? I mean you might become best friends w this hoe bag. and okay this is a personal one but I FUCKING HATE THAT THERE’S NO GIRL CODE ANYMORE!!! like what the fuck guys??! i thought we were always supposed to understand that if your friend likes someone, you back off end. of. story. who cares if she ‘says’ she’s done w him, because we really all know she never is. like uuuggggggh back off bitch he’s mine in my head, and yeah i know that we aren’t dating, but have the common decency of like not being a twat and just find someone else. that’s it. I don’t know why, but it seems that it’s much easier to make friends with guys than girls, and i feel like it should be the other way since we’re girls and we should be able to make friends w the people of the same sex, but evidently it’s not. guys are more approachable and easy to talk to while we are kind of like ‘uhh no’ if that makes sense i guess? 

That’s all i got soo yeah